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Our Data Center in USA, guarantee communication with high availability level

  • In today's world, it is important to keep updated on technology. Connect with the world through us. Our Data Center in USA, guarantee communication with high availability level. Use our central phone to make and receive calls, record all interactions with your customers, manage your website chat, manage emailing campaigns and more, through our customer services.

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operaciones We mix our infrastructure, with the knowledge
and platform of our multiple partners, to achieve
in practice our allies expects. We use free and
licensed software, to comply with any
Changing completely the learning experience
through modern dynamics, we help our
collaborators to reach the excellence. Using our
modern training rooms, we support business
processes, Guiding activities in closing the gaps
detected in audits, and use educational
resources to strengthen the important
information that really makes the difference
for the end customer.
An area with the perfect mixture between
experts with over 10 years of experience in the
business and young professionals who bring
fresh ideas to the analysis and collection of data
from our operations
A group of dynamic young people, who has a
extensive training in the area, and will bring
to the allies and collaborators of PRC Connect,
a different experience. Since the creation of
manuals, until the audit sample strict (as
agreed with the customer) make our quality
service guarantees the awaited results.
We support the creation of operational
processes, have well-defined road maps to avoid
improvisation. If the operating employees are
clear that we expect of them, and how they can
achieve it, will save you hours of work and we
minimize costs, cutting adjustment times.
operations-prc connect planning - prc connect quality-prc connect training - prc connect technology-prc connect human resources - prc connect processes-prc connect The creation of a good profile, sets the success of
a project, and there is where our HR team makes
the difference. A broad structure for recruitment
ensure faithful fulfillment with membership in
each of the campaigns.
Professionals with over 12 years of experience
guarantee first-class results. Orientated to
fulfilling aims, they will look for all the possible
alternatives to support a stable, healthy
and motivated staff, and a healthy business with
clear knowledge of for what the
final clients wait. To the being the contact with
the clients of our allies, we strain for leaving
them to know everything for what they think
and expect, in order that decisions take
orientated to improving the experience,
increasing the loyalty

Electric backrest

All our offices are connected to electrical system, support by autonomy of 3 days without need to supply fuel.

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Robust and stable Internet

We have dedicated internet links with multinational companies, which guarantee access to the internet. We have services of optical fiber and wireless suppliers, and with our plans of redundancy, guarantee a high level of availability.

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